Intellectual Property Strategy

Our IP Strategy consultancy service is focused on helping you realise if your IP is supporting your business plans.

Intellectual assets make up to 80% of your business assets. By creating, owning, protecting and maintaining the right intellectual assets in a planned manner, you can use these strategically to grow your business and achieve sustainable profits for the long term.

At Alpha & Omega, we will help you build the correct IP portfolio and guide you to use your ideas to generate sustainable revenue for your business.

We will apply our proprietary methodologies to assess if your current intellectual assets are able to support your plans and strategies. Next, we will work with you to develop your organisation’s intellectual asset policy that will keep you on track to achieve your vision.

All our recommendations are focused on reducing business cost and increasing market share. Our goal is to help your business grow – locally, regionally or globally – and ensure sustainable profits. Get the results you deserve.

Following are some of the services we provide. Meet with us for us to understand your business better and recommend what is suitable for your business. Being thorough in our approach, we take all things into careful consideration, including your available resources, the stage your business is in, business model, the industry you operate in, short and long term business plans, your vision and other factors.

  • Review of your IP portfolio against your business strategies and objectives to identity areas of improvement.
  • Construct your IP portfolio to support your enterprise's business strategies and objectives.
  • Determine IP management approaches in the context of protection to maximise commercialisation goals.
  • Develop IP policies, including communication, HR, IT and training policies, and tactics.
  • Evaluate and refine IP policies to ensure effectiveness.
  • Conduct IP audit.
  • IP risk management.