Business Model Development

Ideas on their own are not valuable until they are executed and commercialised.

At Alpha & Omega, we work with your innovation and complementary business assets, including finances, human resource, purchasing, manufacturing, distribution, and sales, to develop suitable conversion mechanisms to commercialise your IP.

Some examples include selling your IP, out-licensing, joint ventures, strategic alliance, integration into current business, creating a new business, donating, barter/trading and others

Our services include:

  • Development of business models for franchising, licensing, distribution, agency, joint venture, sale of business, acquisition of business, strategic alliance, integration into current business, spin-off business, trading and donating and other collaboration and conversion mechanisms.
  • Development of your product and/or service ecosystem.
  • Developing of terms and conditions for such business models and preparing the relevant legal agreements to support the business model,
  • Prepare relevant checklists to ensure the business model is correctly executed and maintained.
  • Advise and prepare communications materials for potential collaborators to obtain clarity and transparency in the business model.