Charity Law

Not-for-profits, charities and civil society organisations have intellectual assets just like any other enterprise. These can be used to generate revenue and raise the funds necessary to further your cause.

Being a not-for-profit does not mean that your intellectual assets, particularly your brand, are not important. At Alpha & Omega we will guide you on how to utilise your intellectual assets when partnering commercial entities and implement successful cause marketing campaigns [Commercial Co-Ventures (CCVs)].

Established not-for-profits such as YMCA, The American Redcross, Rotary club and St. Jude’s Hospital, started small but they grew by using their brands and intellectual assets purposefully to attract for-profit partners.

For-profits need not-for-profits to advance their reputation by giving back to society through corporate social responsibility initiatives. There are plenty of opportunities to build collaborations and convert not-for-profit brands into valuable fund raising tools.

Our services include:

  • Education and training on intellectual assets: how they are related to not-for-profits, how to protect them, how to communicate the value of your intellectual assets and generate revenue from your intellectual assets.
  • Establishment of IP ownership (due to volunteer involvement).
  • Advise on merchandising and licensing.
  • Develop Commercial Co-Venture models.
  • Prepare relevant documentation for Commercial Co-Ventures.
  • Advise on regulatory requirements for not-for-profits.
  • Advise on fund raising.
  • Trade mark registration.
  • Sponsorship agreements.