Human Resource Management

People are the source of all your intellectual assets. In a business, Intellectual Property are created by full and part-time employees, contract staff, service providers and consultants, free-lancers and even interns.

These same people are have access to your confidential information, which are your valuable intellectual assets. Between training employees and sharing specialised knowledge with service providers and consultants, the risks of losing your intellectual assets can be high.

It is important to have in place human resource policies that encourage innovation while protecting your intellectual assets.

Our services include:

  • Evaluation, refinement and/or development of HR policies.
  • Confidential information classification.
  • Disclosure policies.
  • Development of policies and actions to communicate IP values.
  • Online and offline security measures to protect your IP
  • Overall organisational policy framework for creating and protecting intellectual assets, particularly non-registrable rights like trade secrets.
  • Recruitment of IP champions.
  • Inventor intelligence.
  • Training and education on IP and HR management.