SMEs and Multinationals

With our help to discover and leverage their intellectual assets, most small and medium enterprises we serve in Singapore have found new lifelines to spur business growth.

Whether you have just one or up to 500 employees, as long as you have been growing your company organically, you will likely reach a stage where you just can’t seem to move the business forward further. Some questions we are often asked include: How can we keep our business relevant and continue to be ahead of the competition? How do we prevent employees from exploiting confidential information? What can we do about competitors who seem to catch up with us in no time, whenever we release a new product?

The answer lies in developing your intellectual assets strategically, protecting them and using them to generate revenue.

Our multinational clients face similar issues as SMEs when it comes to intellectual assets. Some of these are likely to be how they can stimulate growth in their IP assets within their large, diverse and established organisations; and how they can balance the need to protect their IP assets, while engaging in open source platforms or licensing of third parties intellectual assets to enter collaborative partnerships to boost growth and establish new markets.