Brand Strategy

The brand of a business gives its intellectual assets tangibility. Consider this: technology patents will eventually lapse, but technology with a good brand strategy can be protected in perpetuity through trade mark protection.

A brand is a business tool and trade marks are the legal instruments that protect it. Often, a brand is protected by several trade marks and the management of the brand involves trade mark law.

Conducting a brand audit and developing your brand vision and mission, personality and positioning are essential. However, money and time invested into these branding elements are wasted if the touch points created cannot be owned by you, or worse still result in you infringing a third party’s trade mark rights.

With trade mark laws developing rapidly to keep abreast with branding requirements, an enterprise needs to ensure that every brand touch point it creates is equipped to generate revenue.

At Alpha & Omega, we work with brand strategists to advise on brand naming and slogan/tag line requirements, and develop product design, packaging design, advertising and promotional materials, among others. Our priority within strategy is to help develop and maintain valuable trade mark assets that will generate revenue from your brands.

Our services include:

  • Advise on the elements of a good trade mark.
  • Brand name assessment and advice on suitability of trade mark name.
  • Trade mark screening.
  • Trade mark availability searches.
  • Domain name availability.
  • Advise types of trade marks that can be created (e.g. packaging marks, colour marks, shape marks, 3D Marks, sound, smell and moving marks).
  • Trade mark use and maintenance.
  • Brand visuals analysis.
  • Brand communications analysis.
  • Brand portfolio management.