Entertainment Law

The entertainment world is a multi-billion dollar industry. From cinema to television, theatre, sports, cultural, dance, animation, online games, books and more – the field is paved with intellectual assets. The potential to commercialise your intellectual assets is unlimited. For the same reason, due to the endless possibilities to meet the demands of a multicultural, multilingual and highly diverse global market, the risks posed onto your intellectual assets are equally high.

Our services include:

  • Advise on IP Management.
  • Establishment of IP ownership.
  • Advise on merchandising and licensing.
  • Advise on regulatory requirements.
  • Advise on fund raising.
  • Ticketing, management agency, sponsorship, merchandising, licensing, appearance, performance agreements and other relevant documentation.
  • Regulatory advice.
  • Image rights and sponsorship/endorsements.
  • Rights management for artists, authors, composers, performers etc.
  • Licensing and other media rights issues.