Business Agreements

Every business transaction involves intellectual assets. It is vital that you have an agreement in place to govern your business relationships, to protect your confidential information and enterprise know-how adequately.

While business arrangement can go wrong, a well drafted business agreement will help with achieve a quick and clear resolution.

At Alpha & Omega, we draft all your agreements with a clear understanding of all parties’ intentions. We take time to understand your obligations, warranties, representations, risks to mitigate, agreed and anticipated liability. We bring clarity into every agreement, ensuring that your intellectual assets will be utilised and developed further in the transaction and provide for this. Our agreements are drafted fairly to achieve balance and encourage win-win collaborations.

Our services include:

  • Drafting agreements for internal and external stakeholders
  • Employment
  • Vendor/Supplier (in and out)
  • Distributorship (in and out)
  • Agency (in and out)
  • Service Provider
  • IT
  • Franchise & License (in and out)
  • Joint venture
  • Shareholder
  • Sponsorship
  • E-Commerce
  • Sale & purchase of business/IA