Charities, Not-For-Profits and Public Sector

The difference between a charity/Not–For Profit and a business is the end goal. For a business, it is profits; but for a charity/Not-For-Profit, it is delivering to its beneficiaries.

At the heart of things, charities/Not-For-Profits must be governed and administered just like any other business. They have many ways to convert their intellectual property into revenue. With the correct strategy, a local charity can become a regional or even global sustainable charity.

We have helped charities/Not-For-Profits to use their IP to generate revenue and stop third parties from riding on their goodwill. We have also assisted charities to grow their reach to help more beneficiaries in their cause.

When it comes to the public sector, government agencies have much IP to protect and use to generate revenue. Using the tourism sector as an example, revenue need not just come from tourist spend, but also from the licensing of their various IP to those in the tourism ecosystem. Additionally, there is much confidential data and copyright that needs to be managed.