Our People

We are proud to work with a team of passionate and highly skilled professionals who are truly excited about what we do for our clients day in, day out. Speak with us and you’ll see that we’re not just paper warriors. Collectively, our experience complement our qualifications and proven expertise to bring you exceptionally insightful and well-rounded solutions that simply work.


  • Renee
  • Farhana
  • Caleb
  • Guek Li
    Guek Li
    HR Manager
  • Haziqah
  • Jeremiah
  • Rudy
  • Grace
    Registered Foreign Lawyer
  • Rosie
  • Kwok Loong
    Kwok Loong
    Practice Trainee
  • "It's nice to see Singapore business owners getting excited about IP and wanting to learn more about how to use IP as a value driver of their business. My team and I work hard to help our clients' achieve business success. Our clients' successful registration of IP rights and commercialising of IP assets are our successes too." - Renee

    Renee founded the firm with the vision to complement the provision of quality legal advice in the area of IP with valuable input on using IP to enhance business growth. Renee, as a business owner herself, knows the ups and downs of running a business and what other business owners find in her is the enthusiasm that drives her to constantly search for innovative ways to grow businesses. Even now, after 12 years of being in the business, Renee gets thrilled when her clients are guided to arrive at the Eureka moment when they begin to see IP as a valuable asset to develop their businesses to reach greater heights. It is of paramount importance to her that her clients are fully satisfied with the firm's service and to that end, she stresses to her colleagues to make themselves and IP accessible to the clients. Indeed, IP is not just a business for Renee; it is a passion that she further cultivates through writing regular articles, speaking on IP law at Singapore and International events and through participating in committee work at various International IP Associations.


    • Lawyer (Advocate & Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore, Advocate & Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya, Barrister-at-Law (Inner Temple) LL.B (Hons.))
    • SCOPE IP consultant;
    • Certified ICV IP legal diagnostic Service Provider; and
    • Practising Management Consultant (Intellectual Property Management)


    "When we meet a person who is patient they often radiate a quality of inner calm and serenity,” said Susan Leigh who is a Counsellor and Hypnotherapist. Patience is key when attending to a client to help clients remain at ease. Clients begin to feel comfortable which brings about open communication that leads our client to a better understanding of IP." - Farhana

    Farhana is our experienced IP paralegal colleague who focuses on trade mark. Being friendly and easy-going, she is quick to build a rapport with clients and earn their trust. Clients also find her to be helpful as any request for updates on the status of their files are readily attended to with cheerfulness. Although focused on trade marks, Farhana is very knowledgeable about patent and design prosecution process in Singapore and abroad, always keen to widen the scope of her expertise. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor in Counselling in Singapore Institute of Management University and this will be an added asset that will further aid her in her interaction with her colleagues and clients.


    • Paralegal (Temasek Polytechnic Diploma in Law & Management)


    "In this ever changing world, we are here to help our clients to focus what they do best and let us focus on what we do best." - Wen Jie

    Wen Jie (aka Caleb) is our paralegal who assists in the filing and registration stages of all our patent, trade mark and design matters in Singapore and abroad as well all renewals and recordals. A quiet force amongst us, Caleb continually pushes himself to keep abreast with the ever changing and dynamic IP field. Caleb’s work ethics continuously demonstrates his belief that greater happiness lies in helping others. He is our experienced IP paralegal colleague who focuses on trade mark. Gracious, forthcoming and kind are some of Caleb’s characteristics that puts colleagues and clients at ease.


    • Paralegal (Kaplan Higher Education Institute, Diploma in Law)


    "At Alpha and Omega, I saw colleagues working together to help clients protect and maximize their IP to achieve successes. At the same time, Alpha and Omega also does our part to contribute back to society by helping the non-profit organisations have a better understanding of their IP rights. It is a joy working with people who are passionate and focus about what they are doing." - Guek Li

    Guek Li, as our HR Manager, is a resourceful and innovative team-player who is passionate about developing fair policies which meet the diverse needs of our colleagues. Guek Li, through her concern for each team member's welfare, achieves a balance between the needs of the business with those of the team. In doing so, she enables each of our colleagues to achieve personal growth and the firm to achieve excellent client service and business growth.


    • HR Manager


    "For me the challenge is to minimize legal terminology and explain legal issues in layman terms. I want our clients to focus on the important things and not get caught up trying to make sense of legal expressions. At the end, what is important is to make the process of understanding IP easy and not time consuming. This way our clients can focus on what’s important to them." - Haziqah

    Haziqah, is our experienced IP paralegal colleague dealing in the area of patents. She has an astute sense of client needs as she approaches any interaction she has with them from their perspective so as to ensure that their needs are understood and met. Her accommodating and friendly demeanour sets clients at ease for they know she has their best interests at heart. She is also a diligent worker who expeditiously deals with any client request. Haziqah’s knowledge extends to trade marks and designs as well. Her knowledge of the trade mark, patent and design prosecution process in Singapore and abroad enables her to win the confidence of clients.


    • Paralegal (Temasek Polytechnic Diploma in Law & Management)


    "I enjoy practicing in a firm that values delivering the best possible service to its clients. The firm's values to keep our advice simple to understand, is challenging but brings me much satisfaction. Alpha & Omega also has a strong focus on start-up companies and not-for-profits which I am proud to be a part of. I get to put into practice my extensive experience of working with people from all walks of life." - Jeremiah

    Jeremiah is a people-person who has a wide-range of experience working with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Before entering the legal profession, he had been an English and Literature teacher and had coached school debating teams in national competitions. Clients will find his legal knowledge and experience in litigation and commercial law invaluable in meeting their business goals and aspirations. Our firm is happy to have another lawyer who meets the firm's mission of serving and educating clients so as to enable them to realise the full potential of their businesses.


    • Lawyer (Advocate & Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University B.A. (Hons)


    "The Ultimate knowledge in one’s life is experience. At Alpha & Omega, we have it!" - Rudy

    A lawyer turned academia. Having spent 13 years as a litigator, he embarked into the field of academia. This dual experience allows him to provide the firm with a combination of academic and practical legal advice involving a wide spectrum of legal issues. This is an added asset to the firm’s existing diverse portfolios as it enables us to have expertise in different areas to enhance our service quality to our clients and society at large.


    • Lawyer (Advocate & Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore, Barrister-at-law (Middle Temple) LL.B (Hons.))


    " Here in Alpha & Omega, the emphasis is to treat clients not as mere clients but as family. As the technicalities of IP can be overwhelming, I take time to get to know the client and understand their needs and help them come up with sound and practical solutions." - Grace

    In our firm, we cherish our client-centred approach, and Grace is a natural at it. Her amiable and accommodating personality makes it easy for clients to interact with her. Clients find in her a patient and gentle ally who will work with them to their best benefit. As head of our Philippines Law desk, she oversees IP prosecution and business agreements. She also holds a second portfolio as our legal manager who manages the training of her colleagues and reviewing of our internal processes to ensure clients' needs are met to their full satisfaction.


    • Registered Foreign Lawyer, Philippine Bar, LL.B.


    "Working at Alpha & Omega has allowed me to learn a lot of things, things that I was afraid to do or thought I was not capable of. There is still much more for me to learn." - Rosie

    As an inclusive firm, every individual is an asset and Rosie, our admin officer, as the most senior staff member is one of them. Her big-heartedness and eagerness to learn new things, is an example for other staff members, who are many years younger than her. She is the live-wire of our office and in the true spirit of Alpha and Omega, Rosie has endeared herself to colleagues and clients with her friendly and easily approachable manner.


    • Administrator


    "From my 6 months Relevant Legal Training with Alpha & Omega Law Corporation, I have understood that in order to be a good IP practitioner a lot of ground work has to be done and the planning for the client starts with a good filing in order to maximize right for IP enforcement. Whatever that is submitted during the prosecution stage of an application could have repercussions during the enforcement stage. I have also understood that there are also various trade mark enforcement strategies that are equally important when a client expands its IP into other countries and jurisdiction. Apart from having good counterpart associates in other jurisdictions, we as IP practitioners should also equip ourselves with the iP knowledge of other jurisdiction to share with our clients. My personal goal during my next 6 month practice training with the firm is to gain that expertise which would bring benefit to our firm and our clients." - Lee Kwok Loong


    • Practice Trainee (Temasek Polytechnic Diploma in Law & Management, University of Tasmania LL.B.)