Our Story

More businesses now are embracing the need to protect and commercialise their Intellectual Property (IP). We know this because we have specialised in Intellectual Property management since 2003, when specialised IP strategy expertise for Singapore businesses was rare.

From the first day we began operating out of the storeroom in our founder’s home, we walked the talk. Despite limited cash resources, we knew then that our brand, proprietary software and specialised know-how were our greatest business assets. These assets were all intangible assests. We needed to do all that we could to protect them, so that we could harness their potential to generate revenue and increase our brand equity and business value. By taking well planned strategic actions stage by stage, we carefully created intellectual assets to correspond with our business growth strategy. We also made sure that our intellectual assets supported our business plans.

Today, that's all translated successfully into Alpha & Omega Law Corporation, an established specialised boutique IP law firm that resolutely creates value for our clients by commercialising their intellectual assets. From our Singapore headquarters, we are now strongly represented in the region with offices in Malaysia and in the Philippines.

Beyond the registration and protection of trade marks, patents, designs, copyrights and domain names, our mission is to always work hand in hand with our clients to tailor powerful intellectual property strategies that will help their businesses reap exponential growth and profits.

We are passionate and excited by the limitless possibilities with intellectual assets, and we can't wait to help more businesses like yours realise them too.