Article / Oct 2021



Formalised Third Party Observations and Post-Grant Examination Processes available in Singapore from 1st October 2021

Pursuant to the Intellectual Property (Dispute Resolution) Act 2019, the Singapore Patent Rules have been amended to give effect to the following (effective 1st October 2021): Formalised Pre-Grant Third Party... Read more

Singapore Trade Marks - Combe International Ltd v Dr. August Wolff GmbH & Co. KG Arzneimittel [2021] SGIPOS 10

Tribunal/Court: IPOS   Type: Opposition   Applicant’s Mark (Application Mark): Singapore Trade Mark Application No. 40201816895W in the following classes: Class 3 [Toiletries, namely non-medicated cleansers for intimate personal hygiene... Read more

Singapore Trade Marks - Technopharma Limited v Unilever PLC [2021] SGIPOS 11

Tribunal/Court: IPOS   Type: Revocation   Registered Proprietor’s Registered Marks (“Registered Marks”): 1.  Singapore Trade Mark No. T8802249B in Class 3 [Soaps, cosmetics, skin creams and lotions, non-medicated toilet preparations.] (“The... Read more